Monday, July 25, 2016

Manacanau, Brazil - They're married!!

Yup, this morning Renata and Honorato got married!!! We woke up early, got ourselves ready then headed to their house, did her hair and makeup, then Bishop picked us up and we went to the registry and they were pronounced husband and wife!!!!!!
Tomorrow will be her baptism and Friday they'll receive blessings in the church :) 

Also, transfers happened.
Yesterday passed by and we hadn't gotten a call from our leaders or from the assistants so we were pretty sure we were staying. When our district leader called at night for our numbers he said that our zone leader had the transfers and was going to tell us in a little bit. My heart sank. The whole week there were SO many signs that said I´d be transferred. But I didn't want to believe them. So about 5 minutes leader our district leader calls us back and says, "I have the transfers. SIster Costa was transferred." She was "like what????" but OF COURSE HE WAS KIDDING! Ugh elders love to do this kind of stuff. Then he told us the good news,
I GET TO STAY HERE IN MARACANAU!!!!!! I'M GOING TO DIE HERE LIKE I WANTED (in mission terms lol)!!! I was literally jumping and squealing I was so happy!!!!! I am sooo so happy :) I was totally willing to leave if I needed to. In my prayers the whole week, I said, if I need to go, I`ll go, but You know my heart, You know what I want ;) and the Lord was so sweet in letting me stay!!!!!!! I´m so happy and so grateful!!!!!

This week Reginaldo was baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!! He had gone to church 2 weeks in a row and we´d been teaching him even longer than that but he always was scared to be baptized. He always felt like he needed to know more. Then one day we stopped by with him and Sister Costa told him that TOMORROW would be his baptism! We were determined to help this grown man get over his fear hahaa so he signed the baptismal form and we put together a baptism super fast! The next day we were all there in the chapel waiting for him to finish the interview with our district leader and when they finished SIster Costa looked at me and said, "the baptismal font...... WE FORGOT TO FILL UP THE FONT!!!!!" So the Elders pushed up their sleeves and grabbed buckets and they started helping it fill up faster while the members rushed to make and print the program wooooowowowowo it was super stressful but when it ended at 9:20 we shook his hand, congratulated him, and RAN HOME lololol but it all worked out in the end!!! He and Lucas were both confirmed this Sunday :)

I´ll end it there because I can't think of anything else but I'm so happy and so shocked that I'm starting my last transfer. Wow. I'm so grateful for my mission and for all the people I`ve met and for the opportunity I have to get to know my Savior more :) I love Him!!!!

And I love y'all too!!!! Thanks for all your love and support!!!!!!

- Sister Parks

P.S. - Does acai exist in the U.S.? It does, right? Anyways. Sister Costa is from Acre where acai is from and it's super good there obvi. She's been trying to find good acai places here and the first 2 we tried were horrible (according to her) so I ate them for her. Then the 3rd we tried was soooooo gooooood, even she liked it! So yeah. I now love acai.

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