Monday, July 11, 2016

Maracanau, Brazil - we're gonna have a wedding!!

Lololol not mine obvi keep reading to find out whose!

Hiii everyone J

How was everyone's week? How was the Longmire reunion? I´m super sad I'm missing another Parks fling but at least I won't miss another Parks Christmas! Give my love to everyone! '´d love a little email with a picture or selfie from everyone in the fam!! ;)

So this week we were running around a lot! Not actually running lol everyone who knows me knows of my love for running..... BUT this week we decided to finally work out this wedding thing! So who remembers Renata and Honorato? He's a less active who is returning and he´s brought along Renata and their little girl, Yasmin. They are the cutest things and I met them way back when I was with Sister Carvalho. So since then Renata has wanted to be baptized but they weren't married and haven't had enough money to pay to get married. So they've been going to church these past few months and finally last Sunday after sacrament meeting we were called into the bishop's office with a bunch of leaders and they were like, "okay, what is missing to get this couple married?" And we told them, "MONEY." So they decided to send around a donation list in the couples class and asked for everyone to donate 10, 15, or 20 reais. And at the end of church we were given the list and almost cried!! We have enough to mark their wedding!!! So we later gave Renata and Honorato the good news and they gave us all their documents and on Tuesday we went to Fortaleza to mark a date for their wedding. Well, there they said that their birth certificates need to be updated. So yeah, I nearly cried there. BUT the next day we tried another registry here in Maracanau andddddd they accepted all the documents! We luckily had brought Renata and Honorato that day too and we got everything done right then and there! They signed the papers, we assigned the testimonies (they unfortunately didn't accept me because I didn't have my passport ugh annoying I had my visa AND cpf (social security # here) and they still wanted my passport which stays in the mission office) BUT luckily Bishop was there (he drove us) and he was all ready with his cpf and ID so we put him in as a testimony. ANYWAYS, the wedding is marked for the 25th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're super excited!!!! I´m so happy for them!!! She'll be baptized the following day and then the ward is preparing a wedding ceremony and a dinner later in the week! J  The next day Renata called us and told us she had something to show us and we were like, "A DRESS??" And she was like, "YUP!!" She showed us the next day and ahhhh she's going to be so beautiful!!! We're going to go early on the 25th to help her get ready J

But moving on, we had our first conference with President Leite! He's a famous lawyer and he sure talks like one too haha he´s very formal but he seems super great. His wife too is super pretty and has a sweet manner J 
At the conference as we were arriving some friends of mine from Messejana came to visit me and Sister Takahashi (who was transferred too this last transfer) Rodrigo and Adeline who I baptized were there and Marjorie and Mateus (members - siblings to Anderson  who would always go on visits with us and left for Argentina while I was there)! It was so good to see them :) We took pics and they told me what's new but then we had to go inside because the conference was going start! Haha but they're great. I´m super happy that they're all doing well. Rodrigo said that he´s already finished Duty to God! Haha! I was baffled. 

I also got Hilary´s package!!!! Thanks Hil!!!!! I was overjoyed to receive new clothes!!! Thank you thank you! 

So I love you a lot :) Miss you all a ton, too. Here's some pics :)

Te amo!

- Sister Parks

Us before the conference. I bought the new outfit the day before :) I felt pretty hehe
Adeline, Rodrigo, Marjorie, Mateus, me and Sister Takahashi :)
the big Catholic church is in Fortaleza. super famous so we snuck a few pics.

Ana Lucia (who we baptized) and her grand-daughter who's super funny
the baby girl is Yasmin. Renata and Honorato´s daughter. And pics with them with the rings and everything!!! EEEEE!!!!

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