Monday, July 4, 2016

Maracanau, Brazil - Happy 4th of July!!!!!!

Totally had forgotten so thanks for the remainders! Hahaha wooh America!!! Happy birthday, America. Love ya foreva.

This week was super great! 

I was reunited with Sister Kirkendall!!!!! My companion from the MTC!!! She's a big deal now as Sister Trainer Leader so we went on splits and I got to be with her!!! It was so fun to catch up, talk about our MTC days, talk about our Provo days and working in the Payson Temple and how grateful we are for that special transfer in the United States we had, and then we talked about our missions here because we've literally been super far apart until now! We've both gone through lots of different experiences on the mission but we've both grown and changed a lot. So that was fun :)

We had our last conference with President Fusco like I said last week and tomorrow we have our first conference with President Leite! We're super excited!

The pics are me with Sister Takahashi at the conference
The girl who looks like she was crying is a member from Messejana who came to visit me at the conference (After it ended of course) the poor thing misses me :)

And the pic with me and 3 other girls are us Texans!!!!!!! The Texas girls all showing our Texas/UT pride!! Yup, there's 4 of us. We're taking over.
The others are my new district here in Maracanau and Cesario´s birthday!

Sorry I'm out of time but I'm doing great, I'm happy and healthy!

I love you all SOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Sister Parks

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