Monday, August 1, 2016

Manacanau, Brazil - grateful, blessed and anxious!!

HEYYYYYYYYYYY!!! How´s my favorite family doing?

I´m doing great! Last Tuesday, Renata was baptized!!!! It was beautiful! Irmão Oziel decorated the room and the entrance with a big painting of the São Paulo temple. Renata felt like a robot in the baptismal jumpsuit but she was very happy :) Friday was the wedding in the chapel which was beautiful, too!!! Once again, Irmao Oziel decorated (he was truly given the gift to decorate) and her family came and his family and members! Sister Costa and I borrowed heels from members haha it was super strange but we only used them for the ceremony. When we went home, we put on our normal proselyting shoes lol but I totally regretted using heels because the next day I was literally limping because of my right foot. By the end of Saturday I could barely walk. When we got home and I took off my shoes my big toe on my right foot was totally swollen. But, it's passed now! :) I'm all good. Let´s see what´ll happen when I go home.....may need bunion surgery ha....ha....

Weeeeellll I just read Dad´s email which said that y'all received info about my flight home soooooooooooooo I´ve now forgotten everything I was going to write. WOW! This is so strange!!!! 

Well, let me think... you need to concentrate (concentrate, concentrate...) lolol quick what movie?!
It's kinda nice to be going home because every day now I'm getting presents from members hahaha it's good and bad though because I´m gonna have to leave practically all of my clothes and just pack things that I've been given on the mission! Haha but seriously, I love this ward. They're so great :)

Saturday night we talked with this guy who was sitting outside his house reading a book and he asked a bunch of questions about things he'd heard about about the church and we were like calllllm we'll explain everything but for now, why not go to church with us tomorrow? He agreed and we told him we´d pass by in the morning. Well, when the morning came his house was all locked up, door closed, and we knocked and clapped and nothing :( so we headed to church and about 15 minutes after it started, who walks in???? HIM!!!! He came!!! It was a miracle! We literally met him Saturday night! We've been teaching other people for weeks and are still trying to bring them to church and in just one night, he decided to go! We were super happy!

All our recent converts are doing great! They're all going to church, making lots of friends in the ward, participating in FHE, preparing to receive the priesthood and everything! I couldn't be more proud!!!

I´m so happy and so blessed to be on a mission! 

I love you all and am excited and anxious to see y'all so soon! AH! Haha love love love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad my letters are arriving, too!

- Sister Parks

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