Monday, August 22, 2016

Manacanau, Brazil - Preparation Week

Seriously, this whole week has been preparing me for the next step in my future. I'm learning more and more every day for how I want to live the rest of my life and the things that I can and need to do to have a happy life and stay strong in the gospel :)

Sooo things that happened this week......

Good question. Drawing a blank here.

We´ve been working a lot with our investigator, Mauri. He still has a lot of doubts though. Too many to be baptized right now. He really frustrated me one night because he kept denying everything we were teaching so I was like, "OKAY, you can keep reading the things we've left with you but we aren't going to pass by anymore, okay??" Then he calmed down and I calmed down and we kneeled down in his house with him and a sister from our ward that we brought with us and he said the prayer and asked if everything we were teaching was true or not. After, the sister shared her testimony which was perfect because she had the same doubts as he did when she was investigating the church. 

This past week we met a woman, Lucia, who´s just the sweetest thing! We´ve been teaching her this week, and yesterday when we passed by to go to church together, she was sitting there waiting for our arrival! It´s my favorite thing to see investigators waiting for US Sunday morning to go to church :)) An older guy, Edilson, also went! He arrived a few minutes before us at the church and waited for us to arrive with Lucia. My heart was so happy!!!

We've also been working for MONTHS with this one young man. Not constantly because he never went to church but two weeks ago when he went for the first time, we started meeting with him again. He always got a little scared or nervous when we talked about baptism but yesterday he was like, "Next Sunday I'll be baptized." And we were like, "Seriously?! Will your grandma let you?" And he was like "yeah! do y´all have the form with you? let's go now and get her signature!" so we're like BORA! (lets go!) So we went over there and she signed the form and so we´re praying that it'll all go well!!!!!!! if it does, we'll be having a baptism this week! Hopefully 2 actually! We're going to finish teaching Lucia the lessons and if all goes right, she will be baptized this Sunday, too!

NOSSA! OMG! Soo a funny thing that happened this week was when Brazil was playing again Germany.... in SOCCER. Umm pretty sure every Brazilian knows where they were the day of the World Cup in 2014. It was a heart-wrenching day for them all. Sooo this week they had the chance to get their revenge at the Olympics. Now at the time the game was ending, when they were switching off shooting, trying to make goals to determine the winner, you know (idk anything about soccer but this is what the people told me) we were on the street, of course. With every shot, we heard a groan or a shout of glee. When Germany finally missed one and it was Brazil's turn, and the guy kicked, and SCORED, I KID YOU NOT I HEARD THE WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD SCREAM AND SHOUT AND CHEER!!! It was the COOLEST THING EVER!! A man who was close to me grabbed me and kissed me on my temple LOLOL I was like AH NO lolololol every house we passed by that night was partying and informing us, WE WON!!!! I too was shouting WOOOH BRAZIL!!! WE WON! lololol so yeah, I didn't watch any of it, but I was there and it was as if I was watching it! How I love Brazil :,) 

Well that's all I got this week, folks!

Oh, a little spiritual thing to end: The scriptures are SO important! I have been learning SO much from them and I'm so grateful for everything I can learn from the ancient prophets. Never forget to read your scriptures!! I love this gospel, I love my Savior. I truly know that He atoned for my sins and that He knows all my pains and sad times and because of His sacrifice, I can become more like Him every day. And for that, I am eternally grateful!


- Sister Parks

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