Monday, August 8, 2016

Manacanau, Brazil - Hey gang!

Awww thanks everyone for your emails!!! I´ve taken pics and look forward to reading them later!!

My zone leader called me today and said that they picked up my package that was in the mission office so I´ll be getting it tomorrow at our district meeting!! Thanks!!

Sooooo this week was super special! Friday we spent the day with the one and only... President Leite! Our mission president! Now you may ask, why? So the Fortaleza government celebrated 50 years of the Church being in Fortaleza and they invited a few Fortaleza pioneers, the mission president of Fortaleza, a few stake presidents, and our mission president! So President Leite is super musical and he thought it'd be a great idea to perform a little number! So he called Sister Kirkendall and asked her if she'd be willing to pick a piece to play and invite missionaries that she knew to perform. So she called and invited me! She said that it'd be a group of missionaries but when I arrived at the first practice, it was just me and another American sister that were going to sing! As we started to practice President got so excited that he decided to sing with us. So, just us 3! Soooo Friday! After lunch we were picked up with the other sisters and were taken to the President´s house. We hung out there for about 10 minutes, then he arrived with his family, the elder who would play the violin, and his companion. We practiced and practiced and got it as close to perfect as we could. Oh yeah, we sang Beautiful Savior in Portuguese. Then we ate a little dinner and had chocolate cake with ice cream as dessert then we all gathered into 3 cars and all went.... to the AIRPORT!!! Lol President's oldest son was flying in so we all went to pick him up lol I'm not gonna lie, it was a little weird to be there!! So we picked him up then all rushed to the Assembleia Legislativa which President said was the House of Reps in English. So we went there, sat down, and we were the only missionaries there! After a few people spoke and introduced everyone, we gave our musical number! Which I´m uploading to Dropbox as I type! So... enjoy :) it was a super special moment that I`ll remember forever! It was also aired on tv lol  but I doubt anyone was watching but President told us that we're now famous hahaha

Umm Bishop asked me to give a talk next week. Still nervous to speak up front lol but it'll be alright ;)

We started teaching this awesome guy, Mauri. He´s super smart and reads books like crazy. He loves history. The second time we passed by with him he asked, where´s my Book of Mormon? Haha ever since we gave it to him, he´s reading like crazy! He went to church last week and yesterday so we were super happy about that!! I´ll keep y'all updated!

As for me..... I´m doing great! :) I'm so glad everything's going so well back at home. I'm excited to see all the changes and hear all the good news! You all are just the best, have I ever told y'all that?

Oh yeah, in case I forget, this coming Sunday is Father´s Day in Brazil so happy early Brazilian Father´s Day, Dad!! Haha

Oh yeah the Olympics are going on too. Everyone´s watching them and it was so funny because one day we stopped by with a member and swimming was on and one was just ending and the places popped up and I saw that USA made 1st and I threw my hands up and yelled woooohh!!! And they all just looked at me like......... lolololol but I reassured them I'd root for Brazil too! lolol but oh man I want to watch the Olympics so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who are the girls on our gymnastics team?? Is it the same girls or did one retire? lol okay I'm done :)

Until next week my beautiful family!!

- Sister Parks

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