Monday, May 30, 2016

Maracanau, Brazil - the scorpion

Well, this week wasn´t too eventful but there were a few good moments!

- Yesterday one of our investigators turned into..............a scorpion!! For those of you all who don´t know mission slang, a scorpion is a guy (for sisters) that we teach who starts to like one of us. For elders, they´re called snakes. Sooooo we met this guy on Thursday, and he was really great and we taught him and he said we could come back and when we passed by on Sunday, as we walked up to him he said, "I didn´t receive an answer yet because of her" referring to me. Which totally took me off guard so I was like, huh? So we talked a little bit with him and he went back to the prayer. We always leave invitations for people to pray about our message, if it´s true. So he said, and this time it was very straight to the point, "every time I tried to pray her face came into my mind. I never forgot your face" soooooooooooooooooooo at this point I was like uhhhhhhhhhh what the heck do I say lolol so my companion tried to compensate and said that it was an answer because I'm here representing Jesus Christ and the church and all lol which is true of course! But it was just really funny. She then asked him if next Sunday he´ll go to church and he said, "it all depends on her" LOLOL so I said "well, I'm here to invite you to church." and only that. Lololol so we´ll see how teaching him goes now....... 

- We had another game night this week. I cut up the box that Mom had send to make little boxes with holes on the top to play that game where you put balls in the box and wrap it around the waist of a person and they have to dance around to get all the balls out lolol so that was very entertaining! We had a few other games which was fun. This week I think we´ll give the teams a break and just put on Just Dance for everyone to relax until the big 2 weeks we´re going to have a TALENT SHOW!!!!!! I´m super excited! The members are already getting ready with decorations and preparing their talents! I´m excited! I´m not sure if I´ll do anything or not...we´ll see! 

- This week we had lunch in our house one day and we made a noodle and meat dish haha which turned out....pretty good....lolol but the dessert was great because I made my cake!! It was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks Mom :)

- We had lunch with Tcharlly this week :) She´s the one who took us to the Tex-Mex restaurant. This week though lunch was in her house. After we were leaving she turned on her Netflix to start watching something and she said that she loves cops show and recommended I see "The Killing" so I told her she HAD to watch "The Killing"! Hahaha getting everyone hooked on movies and series here lol

WELL that´s about it for this week!

Love you all and I´m actually dying to see you all BUT pictures are helping me stay happy :) Thanks for the emails this week! 


- Sister Parks

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