Monday, June 6, 2016

Maracanau, Brazil - still in shock

Soooooooooooooooo this week was fun! It was really great! This week, Cezario was baptized!!!!!! He´s a member´s dad! We had stopped by the member´s house one day this week, and afterwards we talked with his dad who lives in the house under his and he was super sweet and let us teach him and he agreed with everything we taught! He was truly prepared by the Lord and I know he´ll stay strong and grow in the gospel because his son and his daughter-in-law are strong, active members. He has so much support already!

This week while walking on an empty dirt/rock road we found a large stick thing and so we grabbed a rock and Sister Costa tried to play baseball haha she swung and missed and I said "No, no let me show you how, this is my sport (as in, Americans. Obvi I never even played baseball)" anyways, so I throw the rock up, swing, and MISS! lololol after 4 tries I finally hit it and we shouted and a dog started barking lolol so we dropped the stick/bat and ran laughing lolol some American I am lolol

This week I went to renew my visa - I can now stay in Brazil until next year ;) haha and while I was there in the mission office waiting for the other missionaries to arrive I heard some news.... I was talking to an elder who will leaving the same transfer as me... and he told me some news....
Who wants to see me a little bit sooner?
Yup..... I'll be leaving Brazil September 6th.....arriving in the USA September 7th. Now, it´s not official! But he said that President Fusco told him that date. I don´t know, but if it´s true.... I'll be seeing y'all a little bit sooner.

We have transfers next week and I really really REALLY want to stay here. I love this ward soo freaking much I don´t want to leave them. I really want to die here (mission wise). We´ll see what next weeks brings. But I'm praying to stay here.
It´s becoming a little winter-ish. We had a little bit more rain here this week. It rained super hard this morning actually. It´s nice for a little bit, but after it´s horrible because when the sun comes out it's hotter and stronger than ever. So that´s no fun!

But I'm doing great. Tomorrow we have a conference with the other mission too! Brazil Fortaleza Mission because.....
ELDER CHRISTENSEN WILL BE HERE!!!! We´re all super excited!!!!!! It should be really great and spiritually uplifting. I´ll let yáll know how it goes next week.

This week I also received Taylor´s package, a letter from Grandma, and from the Wilkins!!! I wrote you all letters today in thanks that I will get send this week but I'll thank yáll here, too! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I love you all and am so grateful for your love and support :)
- Sister Parks

Pictures: baptism and a baby parrot! two months old!!

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