Monday, June 20, 2016

Maracanau, Brazil - Maracanau is stuck with me!!

Oi family!!

Soo transfers finally happened andddd we´re staying! I´m staying in my beloved Maracanau with Sister Costa! My Texas sister, Sister Jeppeson, who was in the other ward that meets in our church building was transferred though :( I was sad about that. We had to go to their house to stay with her companion so we got to see her off and I got a picture with her at least. 

Last p-day we went to a member´s home, Barbara, with the intent to watch The Other Side of Heaven but she had forgotten to download the movie. So she made chocolate flavored popcorn and we chatted about our lives and such. Reminded me of all the many sleepovers I've had with my besties :) it was nice to relax and girl chat hahaha. Her house is also my favorite! It´s like the biggest house I've ever been in and it reminds me a lot of an American home and the inside reminds me a bit of Hochheim, so I obviously fell in love with it. It´s a two-story house, which is a rarity in itself, and there´s a balcony type spot where she put up a hammock and it has an awesome view. It´s where we ate popcorn and chatted :) Then she showed us her karaoke!! She was so cute and politely asked me, "Sister can you sing in English?" She had music from the U.S. and she was like "it just doesn't work out when we Brasilians try to sing in English!" So I sang When I was Your Man and she and my companion clapped when I finished hahaha my companion has fallen in love with my voice and now had been telling everyone that I sing well haha so we have this one investigator who just wants to hear me sing every time we stop by. I think he´s become yet another scorpion of mine…. poop. I also tried on a pair of Barbara´s heels and she took a pic hahaha it was so weird to walk in heels! We´re going to her house again today to hopefully watch the movie this time hahaha 

We also met the most adorable puppy this week in the house of a less active. Oh my GOSH he´s so cute and his belly is SO BIG!!!! I took lots of pics which I will include.

So the festival, São Joao, that´s been going on next to our neighborhood finally ended. There were shows every night and I´m so glad it´s over because it literally lasted until 5 am every morning and it was preventing our investigators to go to church because when we passed by in the morning to see if they would go they had just arrived at home! We've been teaching this one boy, Gabriel, who´s 13. He´s SUPER great and wants to go to church to visit and all but this festival has been temptation for him and for everyone. Unfortunately, it´s prevented him to go to church this week and last. But now that it´s over (hallelujah) he´ll be able to go to church!!

Ummm I've been eating lots of ice cream lately. Never compares to Blue Bell but…. yeah. I´m getting fat again lolol which is bad.

Also I´m finally reunited (sort of) with Sister Kirkendall!!!! My companion from the MTC!!!! She´s a Sister Trainer Leader and yeah she´s that in the other Maracanau zone!!! She called me the other night and was like, "Sister Parks?" and I responded, "Sister Kirkendall??" And we both screamed!! Seriously, since I arrived we've always been super far apart and now we´re finally close!!!! I've missed her so much :)

Well, don´t have that much else to say. I´m just super grateful for all my blessings. I´m grateful for the sacrament and the promises that are fulfilled when we worthily partake of the sacrament. 

I love you all and am missing y'all soo much!!

Until next week :)

- Sister Parks

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