Monday, May 9, 2016

Maracanau, Brazil - Long time no see!

Hey guys! Wow it was so good to see all your faces yesterday! Hilary, those two times that I accepted Trenton´s call at the very beginning, I saw you! But seriously, when I finally got to talk to you guys, the first thing I asked was where you were L I was DEVASTATED you had to go work….I´m so sorry if I had known you had to work I would have scheduled for earlier! But just know I missed your face and missed the chance I had to talk to you.

But the skype was soooo great!!! It´s still hard to believe that it´s May and yesterday was Mother´s Day and this Saturday I´ll be turning *gulp* 21…..?! How time flies!!!

Also an Elder we saw today in the mall said that he saw a package for me in the office! So your package made it! I´ll get it tomorrow and take lots of pics!! But thank you in advance!!!!! Best family award goes to yáll *insert Leonardo DiCaprio pic from Great Gatsby holding up his glass with fireworks behind him* lololol

This week was tough and also hilarious. Every day I looked at our calendar for lunch and was like…. Ah, lunch is with this sister in the ward…..who is this… lol because I only have 5 weeks here now! Haha so I was calling the RF president (who´s one of my mom´s here) and asked her who lunch was with and where they live and she just laughed every time hahaha but it all worked out in the end!

This week should be really great!
Today we went to the mall with the other sisters who are in the area next to us and one of them is from Texas too so we coordinated our outfits today haha so I´ll send yáll pic ;)


Until next week!
- Sister Parks

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