Monday, January 25, 2016

Messejana, Brazil - January 25, 2015

Good morning everybody!
So, I have some good news! This week we had a mission conference and Sister Fusco (our mission president´s wife) gave us some great advice. She told us that we have 40 minutes to use the Internet. BUT that doesn´t mean the computer! She said that we should do the following: get on the computer, put in our numbers, write to President, and then exit out. Go to Word and write as much as you want to your family, your friends, and then get back on the internet, copy and paste, and send pictures!! We were all like……. we're all idiots. Hahahaha!
So you´re back to getting horribly long emails with bad English! This week had a bunch of good times hahaha it´s been raining a lot which has been a blessing aaaaad sometimes not haha. So Wednesday we had our mission conference which was a broadcast that every single mission in the world was watching!! It was so cool BECAUSE…. MY MISSION IN UTAH WAS THERE!!! Well, half of them. As y´all may or may not remember, my mission was split after my first transfer there. The Orem Mission was made. So, as far as I saw, it looked like only the Orem mission was there. But I totally saw my beloved trainer, Sister Diuguid!!!! And the sister who was directing the music was Sister Kirkendall´s (my comp in the MTC who´s here with me) first companion in Provo, too!!! I was totally freaking out! It was so great! Elder Bednar, Elder Andersen and other general authorities talked to us and there were parts where they had discussions with missionaries in a side room – it was super cool!
Soo after that we all headed back to our areas. We changed out of our nice clothes and into normal proselyting clothes and headed out for the night. Also, it was really hot that day. As we left a member´s house, it started to sprinkle! So we started down the road and within like 2 minutes it started to POUR!!! People were under trees, under porches, and we were just marching on! The roads were rivers and we had to walk through it haha it was maybe half a foot of water! So we headed to a recent convert´s house and she gave me another shirt to wear hahaha seriously, we were COMPLETELY drenched!! We called our leaders and asked if we could go back to our house to change into dry clothes and grab umbrellas this time lol so we did that. I´ll send yáll a picture of me when we arrived in our house. So that was an interesting night! Haha!
Well Pedro was supposed to be baptized this week but his daughter broke her leg and we didn´t see him Saturday or Sunday! We were super sad because we thought he was hiding from us like everyone else, but we saw him last night and he explained everything and he promised that next week he´ll go to church and he never breaks his promises!
Lol so the other day we stopped by with another guy we´re teaching, Deuclesio. So when we arrive he was acting a bit strange haha but we all sat down and he said that he thought we had scheduled for another day and he was a tad drunk but oh my gosh it was the funniest thing! Not that he was drinking. But how he was acting! He was sooo smily and was holding his hands against his chest and asking for forgiveness and out of nowhere he asks, "Have yáll seen my light?" He pulls out this toy light bulb that changed colors and we all couldn´t keep in our laughs hahaha and he was just like whaaat?? So we set up another time to see him lol and when we left he said "Bye princesses!"
I´ll finish this up though :) I didn´t write down every thing that happened this week so I can´t remember them all! Gah! Sorry! But I hope yáll enjoy the longer letter!

Thank you all for your emails and your love! Miss you guys so much but love y´all even more :) 

- Sister Parks

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