Monday, January 4, 2016

Messejana, Brazil - 2016 what??

This can´t be real! But it is! Wow!
New Year´s Eve was craaazy! I took a video which I will upload to DropBox for you guys and it literally sounds like there was a war going on outside lol I don´t know why fireworks here all sound like bombs but they do lolol needless to say, we didn´t get much sleep that night!
This week was tough because our baptisms fell through. This will be my first transfer without a baptism which really gets you down, especially when we´ve been trying our hardest. We met up with Orismar who is Padua´s nephew. I don´t know if I talked about him before, but I taught him with Sister Alvarado but he disappeared after that! He came back a few weeks ago and we started teaching him again and he really wants a new start and all and he showed up at church last Sunday with Padua and everything! And then this Sunday when we passed by he wasn´t there!! We´re hoping to run into him today.
I got my packages this week!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you all so much!! I´ve already been using the face scrubber which is sooooo niiiiiceeeee and thanks for the new chacos mom!!! They're perfect! And the Austin picture book!!! Omg I love it!!!! I decided that even if I live in other places throughout my life, I want to end up in Austin. I LOVE MY CITY!!!!! And thanks for all the goodies!!! I´m SO excited to make Oreo Pie!!!! Ahhh!!!! You guys are the BEST!
Here´s to a new year with new starts and new goals! I hope you guys all make goals to better yourselves each and every day! It´s one of my goals. We´ve been given the gift of repentance which allows us to be made clean and start anew and I´m so grateful for that. I know we have a loving Heavenly Father and a Savior, Jesus Christ, who both love us and are willing to give us not just five or twenty, but infinite chances to start over with a clean slate :)
Thanks for your love and prayers! I can´t put into words my love for you all.
Com MUITO amor,
Sister Parks

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