Monday, January 11, 2016

Messejana, Brazil - It's raining, it's flooding!

This week has been a #blessed week haha no but seriously,
One, it´s been overcast and rainy a lot!! I forwarded a picture to you guys when it started to POUR and we were on the street! Haha the main road behind us was literally a river!!! I was squealing like a little girl because I was so excited and my companion and a recent convert we were with were laughing at me hahaha!
This week we had a bunch of little miracles!
Oh yeah! Last week we had transfers and I´m staying in Messejana with Sister R. Santos! It´s her last transfer so I´m killing yet another companion!! Which means I´ll probably be staying ANOTHER transfer here in Messejana! That´ll be 6 months here! Crazy! But who knows!
So as you all know we didn´t have any baptisms this past transfer but things are looking up! We met this adorable guy Pedro who is 55-ish and he´s so great and loves when we come over and he went to church yesterday because he said that if he makes a promise, he will fulfill it! He promised, and when we passed by Sunday morning he was ready to go! And he loved it! He accepted to be baptized this Sunday!!!!!
We also had a member this week give us a reference to this adorable couple with a baby boy! The husband has a lot of doubts but they´re so welcoming and give us their full attention and I just love them! I just know the gospel is exactly what they need to raise their family!
The gospel is true!
LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH, THANK YOU FOR YOUR EMAILS!! I took pictures of them all to read when I log off!
Hope you all have a great week! Te amo!! Tchau!
Com amor,
- Sister Parks

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