Monday, January 18, 2016

Messejana, Brazil - January 18, 2016

Hey guys I´m sorry I really don´t have a lot of time! I spent a lot of time reading emails and yeah.... I´m sorry!!!!!
I also don´t really have photos I´m sorry!!

But this week had its ups and downs! Remember Pedro? Well, a few things came up that prevented him from being baptized yesterday and now he´s having doubts. We met with him yesterday and taught him a lot about the importance of baptism and prayer. We invited him to pray and ask God if he should baptized this Sunday. 

We also met this other guy (I swear - all we teach are men lol) Deuclesio who is really great! Except, he didn´t go to church yesterday! When we passed by Sunday morning he had made plans ughh but we´ll meet with him this week to hopefully get him there next Sunday!
I´m doing well! Miss you guys a ton :)

Today may or may not be my 10-month mission anniversary....... so strange.
I´m very happy with my Portuguese! Still room for improvement of course! The very very very VERY few times that I talk in English I don´t know how! 

Love you guys a lot :) Thanks for everything!
- Sister Parks

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