Monday, October 26, 2015

Messejana, Brazil - Baptism and Birthdays and Talks!

Happy birthday this week, Hil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone´s just growin up all around me! I love you sooo much and miss being with you nearly 24/7 lolol we were the weirdest but I love you anyways :) Happy birthday!

This week on Wednesday was Sister Alvarado´s birthday!! She turned 21! We made pancakes in the morning and eggs but it was weird to eat pancakes without maple syrup! They don´t have it here! But it was still good :) I made her a little sign and put it on her desk along with a pack of skittles and sour patch! 
We also had a baptism yesterday!!!! Which apparently you guys found a picture of! So cool! His name is Eleonardo, and he´s the guy standing next to me. He´s been a miracle! He´s had a drinking problem for over 20 years but has been turning his life around and has come to church the past 3 weeks and was baptized yesterday! The ward has been great in welcoming and helping him, and there were lots of people at his baptism which reminded me of Mom and Dad’s conversion story where they were shocked at how many people were at their baptism that they didn´t even know! Wards are truly families :)
We also started teaching this awesome kid, Cleberson, who´s just the sweetest and is accepting everything we teach! Unfortunately, he went out of town yesterday but you bet we´ll get him to church next week! 
Tuesday we got a call from the second counselor and he asked to talk to me and what does he ask?? If I can give a 15-minute talk on Sunday!!!!! I then responded, “I can´t talk in Portuguese for 15 minutes!! Haha kidding of course!” So in my limited time during the week I wrote my talk - the gospel of Jesus Christ and the two very important people who made it possible that we have the restored gospel of Jesus Christ - Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith! So Sunday comes along and I´m a little nervous because I don´t think it´s long enough but I get up and talk and when I sit back down, I look at the clock and realized I talked for 15 minutes!!!!!!!
I was very happy and people were very nice afterwards and said that I speak very well for only being here 3 months and that I didn´t look nervous at all! WOOH! 
Today we´re going to have lunch with one of our favorite families and then go to another family to make Mom´s chocolate chip cookies!! Their son is leaving on a mission next month to Argentina and he´s super awesome! 
Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Sister Parks

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