Monday, October 19, 2015

Messejana, Brazil - First Week in Messejana!

Sooooo last night at like 10:20 we got a phone call from our district leader saying that President wants to have a conference tomorrow (today) and we have to be at a certain chapel by 7:40. We were like.... what?? Tomorrow´s p-day! Soo yeah, that´s why I´m emailing so late. Anyways, President cut our email down to 40 minutes which is suuuuper sad and right now I already only have 22 minutes left! :(

But anyways,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRENTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You´re awesome and I love you a lot annnnnd I found your future wife :) my companion!
She´s from Guatemala so yáll can speak Spanish together!!! She goes home after this transfer ;)) hahaha I forgot my camera because we went straight to the lan house after our conference so I don´t have pics this week :(

Anyways, this week!! Transfers here are super different! We got a call last week while emailing (when I was still in Jose Walter com Sister Santos) saying I was being transferred. And you leave that day for your area before p-day ends and you don´t have any time to say bye to people! However, after emails we ran to see Gustavo (recent convert who knows English and he was like my best friend! I always had questions for him and he helped me a lot!) to say goodbye then we ran back to the house and I quickly packed everything and we had to find a member to give us a ride to Messejana. There Sister Santos met up with another sister who was also training to go meet the new missionaries and I stayed with my new companion! Sister Alvarado is my new companion. She´s from Guatemala, has a strong accent still haha, but she is sooooo sweet and so nice and I love her already! I´m excited for this transfer :) but also nervous because she´s leaving after this transfer which means I have to take over the area and show my new companion the ropes! Ah! But oh man, it is so nice not be in training anymore! Yesterday I hit my 7-month mark which means I basically was in training for 7 months of my mission!! I´m excited for this fresh start though as much as I miss those I left behind in Jose Walter. That´s definitely the hardest part on the mission! Also! Sister Santos is training a girl from ROUND ROCK!!!!! I asked her if she knew Alex and she did! She´s friends with Ingrid, if I remember correctly. Haha small world, right??
This week I finally got my mission card!!! Wooh I have my own money!!!! Also the stores here are already selling Christmas things which is normal, you know, America does the same thing, but the weird part about it here is that it's not cold!!! I literally forgot Halloween is this week!!!
ahhh 8 minutes this is the worst :((((((

Everyone thinks I'm from Germany! The area is great! Everyone has welcomed me with open arms and we made a lot of new investigators this week which is exciting!!!
Also I bought a hammock and I sleep in it and it's the best!!! I forgot my camera though so next week I'll be sending lots of pics!!


- Sister Parks

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  1. OMG. BEST. SISTER. EVER. I trully miss Sister Parks. Hey, it's her sister who's posting, right? Continue plis. Oh, And i'm really glad that she said good things about me in her texts, this is awesome! I feel like... International famous xD

    Well, I remember one time that we was talking about I'm going to Mission and stuff, and Sister Parks said that would be prettyyy cool if I go to Texas. At that time I thought that would be reeeally cool indeed, but I also thought that probably would be a lot of coincidence if this happens. So she's transfered, and for my surprise, another Sister from Texas came, AND THEY, LIKE, ALMOST KNOW EACH OTHER, like, they have friends in common. This is fantastic. So I began to really think that, yeah, maybe it's like my "destiny", when I go to serve Mission, to go to Texas. At least I hope so, it would be pretty awesome see familiar faces, improve my english and get to know the family of the most AWESOME Sister.