Monday, October 12, 2015

Jose Walter, Brazil - hey fam!

I´m being transferred!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man I am so sad to be leaving!!! Everyone here was convinced that Sister Santos would be leaving so that I would take over the area and such but no! I´ve been transferred to Messejana and my companion is a Hispânica!  Sister Santos said I really need to focus on my Portuguese because even if my new companion is fluent in Portuguese (which she is) she´ll say things differently because she´ll have an accent! So ohhhh mannn I´m nervous!!! Wish me luck! I´m so sad to be leaving this area because I´ve come to love all the people here but the Lord has called me elsewhere and I will go where He wants me to go! 
You guys - it´s so funny - I can´t speak English anymore! Yesterday we went on splits (I´ll write about that later!) and I met this guy who´s been studying English for years on his own and he spoke VERY WELL! So I tried to talk to him a little bit in English but it was so weird because I had to say the simplest sentences because I was basically translating what I usually say from Portuguese to English! I don´t know if that makes sense but here´s an example. Here they say "que lago" a lot which means that´s cool/how cool! but like, that´s kinda weird to say in English, you know? But I was saying, "that´s cool!" to his responses lolol also sometimes he´s be speaking to me IN ENGLISH and I´d immediately start responding in Portuguese! Also sentences here are formatted differently than English so my English was coming out all weird lolol also this past week while I was explaining a scripture I had shared with one of our less actives Eduardo he stopped me and said I was talking too fast! ME! Hahahha I legit asked, "Me??" Hahahhaa guess I´m truly becoming a Fortalezean. Also my memories are in Portuguese which is weird haha like I´ll be thinking of a time with the fam or friends and the conversations we had I´ll think in Portuguese which is so weird haha!
So yesterday we went on splits because we had no member present lessons this past week and we needed to make that up as well as make new investigators so me and Sister Santos split up with two girls from the ward to just tract and make new investigators and I wasn´t scared at all!! The girl I went with was so scared and barely talked but get this - I was fine!  I was talking so much I was so proud of myself! I asked questions, got to know the people, gave them a pamphlet, told them a little bit about it, and prayed with them! I was like, who is this girl?? By the end of the exchange, I had made 10 novos! 
WELL I´ll be leaving sometime today, we don´t know what time yet! No one has called us yet to tell us! Sister Santos will be training again! Haha!

But hey, I´m excited for the new change! I´m excited to see more of Brasil!!


Amo vocês!!

-Sister Parks

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