Monday, November 2, 2015

Messejana, Brazil - trunky

When you have a companion going home.... you start getting trunky too!!!
Haha but no worries, it´s not serious!

This week has been another good in Messejana! I´m starting to get the area down and trying to memorize names and figure out where I am so that I can show my new companion the ropes! Eleonardo who was baptized this past week was confirmed yesterday, and this random guy we met on the street and invited to church showed up!! That was awesome! We stopped by his house later and taught him the Restoration. He has a lot of problems he needs to quit before baptism, but I don´t doubt anyone! Anyone can change!

Thanks for the video! Yáll are the cutest :) Some answers to your questions:

We have a washing machine but we hang up our clothes to dry.
Before I got my mission card they put my money on my companion’s card and she would take out my money and give it to me.
Yes they have roaches eww but usually in our house we have giant ants (they´re crazy big here!)

Also I’m so sorry but I forgot my adaptor for my camera. I know yáll want to see my hammock waaa I’m sorry!! Next week :)


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