Monday, November 16, 2015

Messejana, Brazil - It´s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

But it´s not beginning to feel like it, that´s for sure! I swear the past few days have been hotter than Hades! I don´t know how people can live here with ONE SEASON! Actually, yes, I know. They go to the beach often. That´s the difference between them and me! Haha! But there are a bunch of people decorating their little Christmas trees and putting up lights - it´s adorable! And making me a little sad haha but I´ll get to talk to yáll for Christmas so yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, this week ended a little sad! Thiago didn´t pass his baptismal interview on Friday but Elder interviewing him said that if we came to church on Sunday he would come again to interview him so that Thiago could be baptized but when we passed by Sunday morning Thiago wasn´t there :( So when we passed by later at night he said he didn´t go because he doesn´t want to be baptized right now. That was a real sucker punch in the heart for us. You guys don´t even know how - he is SO great! And he KNOWS this is the right path! We´ll leave him alone for a day or two then talk to him again later in the week to see if he changes his mind or not. We hope he does!!! Sister Alvarado really wants to see him be baptized before she leaves!! This is her last week! Which means I´ll be taking over the area soon! AH!
We also have another awesome investigator Padua who´s come to church 2 times on his own and he´s so great! He´s going to be baptized this Sunday!! WOOH!
LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Sister Parks

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