Monday, November 30, 2015

Messejana, Brazil - Goodbye November!

Hellooooooooooooooo everyone!!!!

How was Thanksgiving?! I totally didn´t even remember it was Thanksgiving until the next day hahaha actually I thought it was the week before soooo that´s embarrassing lol
Well this week was crazy! Monday Sister Alvarado packed her bags and we went to the mission office to drop her off :,) I hung out there with other missionaries who were killing their companions (when you leave the mission, you die. when you´re companions with a companion going home, they´re dying and you´re killing them lol i know it´s weird) and we´re there until like 6 (when p day ends) so the assistants finally told us, "transfers won´t happen today, you´ll get your companions tomorrow." So they paired us off - me and Sister Ximenes went back to my area for the day until we got a call saying our companions arrived. Sister Ximenes was adorable! She arrived with me when I came to Brazil but she´s Brazilian so she was fresh out of the MTC so she has 4 months. But anyways! We hung out in my area for a day and the next day we get a call and they told us who our companions would be and that we need to go meet up with another pair of sisters and blah blah blah yeah. So we all meet at the bus terminal and Sister Ximenes left me to go back to her area with her new companion. I stayed with another sister who still didn´t have her companion like me in her area. Well, her companion arrived that night. So we were in a trio for a bit. The next morning I got a call saying my companion had finally arrived!! Wooh!! She was serving in Interior (the country, and was super far out). So I´m not training! Her name is Sister R. Santos and she´s been out 15 months! I may be killing another companion GAH! But she´s awesome and is a hard worker! We´ve been meeting a lot of new people in the area trying to find more people to teach! The other day we had a miracle! My planner had fallen out of my bag and I hadn´t noticed until later. So as we're walking back to our house, a guy stopped us in the street and described my planner and asked if we had one like that and we were like yes!! Turns out he had been taught by missionaries a ways back and had a date for baptism and everything but it fell through!! So we asked if he would like another date and he was like, "I would love that!!!" So we put him on date and have started to teach him and it´s awesome!! There can be miracles!!!
This week Anderson (our wonderful friend leaving next month to Argentina) had a going away party and he asked me to sing Amazing Grace so I did! I have a video but I don´t have time this week to send it I´m sorry I have 2 minutes left but I´ll send it next week! A guy in our ward who plays the flute played along with me and made me miss you Mom!!!!! He lives below us and sometimes in the morning he plays the flute and awwwwww mannnn it makes me miss you!!


- Sister Parks

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