Monday, December 21, 2015

Messejana, Brazil - Feliz Natal and Merry Christmas!!!!!

Yeah, it means the same thing^

Hello family who I get to talk with 3 times this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week has been filled of fun! 
Tuesday we had our Christmas Mission Conference which was great!! We had pancakes for breakfast (sadly no maple syrup but it was still yummy) and we got to watch a movie!!! It was Kung Fu Panda and I wasn´t looking forward to it because lesbehonest [let’s be honest] it´s really for children and kinda dumb but I put that out of my mind and just enjoyed it and was laughing and it actually had a good message which we all discussed afterwards! We have to believe in ourselves; there´s no secret recipe for greatness. It´s already in us!
Then Friday we had our Zone Christmas Conference which was also nice. We all shared an experience about the spirit of Christmas and such.
This week was also a week of miracles with my recent converts. Eleonardo is doing SO GREAT! He´s going through a treatment to help him stop drinking, and he´s doing so great! The other day we ran into Padua too and get this, after we closed with a prayer with him he saw his friend and he went over to him and started teaching him and inviting him to "our church" and omg it was the cutest thing!!!
Christmas time is great! We also had a Christmas dinner with the ward, and the kids did a performance which I’m sending to y’all! Then afterwards I got to sing Phantom of the Opera!!! Wooh!! The pianist and our friend who lives below us who plays the flute were playing some songs while everyone was in line getting food so I quickly ate and ran over to them in glee and they were like, “sing!!” So I sang a few songs haha - made my night!

I´m doing great! Christmas time is wonderful to think about the true meaning of Christmas, the true Christmas of Spirit. The birth of Jesus Christ! He was the greatest gift our Heavenly Father sent to us :) I´m so grateful to my Savior, I´m grateful for my family, and for the time I have here in Brasil. :)



- Sister Parks

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