Monday, December 14, 2015

Messejana, Brazil - December 14, 2015

This week it rained longer than two minutes!!!!!! It rained for most of the morning which was awesome because we had to leave early to go to the clinic for Sister R. Santos (that´s not the awesome part) but we got to walk in the rain! But yeah, my poor companion has been sick for quite some time, even before she came here. So finally Sister Fusco told her to go to the clinic, and they told her to do some exams so now we´re just waiting for the results! Poor thing. She also got me a bit sick haha yesterday I had a fever of 100 degrees so we called President and he said to take medicine and rest so I got to sleep for a bit which was nice. I think my fever´s gone today. My nose is still having troubles, but that should go away soon. 
After not seeing Padua for a few days (because we obviously don´t meet at his house anymore and he doesn´t have a cell phone) we saw him the other day on the street! We were walking back from an appointment when we saw a crazy man waving at us from the bus that was stopped at the light on the other side of the road. After a few seconds I recognized it was Padua! So we shouted hello and quickly set up an appointment in the chapel for the next night. He´s still doing great and yesterday he received the Aaronic Priesthood!!!! It was awesome!!
Eleonardo has also been struggling this past week as he fell back into his routine of drinking but we´ve been stopping by and setting goals with him and the past few days he hasn´t drunk! (drank? drunken? Ugh.. English, man.) He came to church too, was a little late, but he wasn´t drunk! The Sunday before he showed up drunk... but that´s in the past!
We also encountered a Celestial Corner!!!! We needed new investigators, and we saw a group of 3 or 4 men sitting on a corner so we went to talk to them and by the end there were more than 10 men!!! They weren´t drinking or anything - they just like to sit there on the corner at night after a hard day’s work and they´re soo sweet and so great! Now every time we stop by they buy us ice cream and Coca-Cola hahaha it´s adorable! We´re trying to meet with each of them and their families in their houses now :)


- Sister Parks

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