Monday, June 29, 2015

Roosevelt, UT - Oi familia!!!!

It has been hot as Hades over here!! I just keep thinking how nice it is to have a car, then I'm reminded of Brazil and the heat and all the walking I'll be doing AND the whole no A/C thing.......I'M GONNA DIE! No itinerary yet but I think they'll send it to you guys too. (Also Sister a Frost says air con and it's the cutest/funniest thing lolol)

Sooo this week we carpooled with our zone to Provo for our last meeting with President and Sister McCune. He talked a lot about priesthood keys, the culture of our mission, and about how we need to live in Christ and always be testifying of Him. At the end we had a big line and we all got a second to shake his hand and say goodbye. It was pretty sad for some of the people who've had him for a long time. He told me, "Well you'll probably have 3 mission presidents" and I was like, "Actually I'll have 4!" Haha but he told me it was so great to have me in the mission and he wished me the best of luck in Brazil!
Then we all walked to the Provo temple and took a picture as the new Provo mission one last time. As of 10 am this morning, he is no longer our mission president, and President Hodgman is now taking over! So I'll have him for about 3 weeks then I'll be off to my next mission president in Brazil! Haha!

This week we got 2 new investigators and one is on date for baptism! His name is George, and his wife is a member. He's been going to church for weeks, reading and praying every day - he basically knows everything already! He's on date to be baptized July 18th so right before I leave! We're so excited for him! The other one is a woman who has 4 kids and is a single mother and has been going to church for the past few weeks. We met with her this week and taught her the Restoration and invited her to be baptized when she learns more and comes to know that it's true. She was a little hesitant and said maybe, but she still wants to meet with us. Her background is that she grew up with her grandparents who were members but not really doing the right things so that messed her up for a bit, so we've been trying to remind her that we're a perfect church with imperfect people. She's so sweet though and she has twin baby boys and they're soooo cute!!!!

We also met this awesome family who are members and the dad is a convert and he shared us his story and omg I was dying! 1. He was golden. 2. When he finally agreed to meet with the missionaries, they were less than effective and just didn't really help him at all. But eventually he was taught the lessons by some elders who he just loved and he got baptized. The son was recently baptized (before I got here) so we had gone over to check on them. But they're going through lots of problems which is super sad. The dad had a job in Texas actually for oil and piping and such so the family was really distraught about that because they didn't want him to leave for so long so we were praying for them and they were praying and then a miracle happened and he was offered a job here so he gets to stay!!!!! Prayers are truly answered!!

The family I talked about last week who have 2 kids on date went to church yesterday!!!! It was awesome!!! We hope we can get them ready for baptism on the 11th though they need to continue to go to church and keep the commitments that we ask so that they might be able to!

This week is 4th of July!!!!! Which means yesterday we sang all the patriotic hymns in church... it was the best. Especially singing them next to Sister Frost (a New Zealander) lolol. So Friday we'll carpool again down to Provo, stay the night, then walk in the parade in the morning!! So for anyone who's in Provo, come!!! I may see you! Then we'll drive back to Roosevelt and be in lock down! We're not supposed to go out just for safety reasons so we'll be in a church building with our district playing games and watching How to Train Your Dragon 2. Not super excited about the movie, but I'll probably just be playing games with Sister Frost and whoever else wants to play. And our awesome high councilor who's over missionary work is so sweet and is buying us food and goodies for our lock down :) should be fun!!

Sister Frost continues to terrorize me by scaring me after I come out of the bathroom and locking me in the pantry lolol and ALWAYS taking video lol so I'll send those. She said it's only because she loves me though ;)

Good week overall here in Roosevelt! The people here are awesome and sometimes super country haha they make me laugh. All the missionaries here are so awesome and I love them so that makes life pretty swell too!

Pray for me as I continue to study my Portuguese alone that I may be able to be as prepared as possible for Brazil!

Thanks for all your emails and love and support and prayers!!! I wish I could thank you all each individually!!!! But just know that it means the world to me!!

EU AMO VOCÊS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ATÉ LOGO!!!!

- Sister Parks

A new little friend! Such a goodge!
 This family we teach pulled out these massive ice pops for us!! Haha
The cutest little kitty ever!! Kitties don't have the allergy on them 
yet so I was safe to hold the whittle baby :)

Locking me in the pantry

They love scaring me lol

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