Monday, June 22, 2015

Roosevelt, UT - Happy Father's Day dad!!!!

This week we went to the Vernal temple with the district which was fun. The temple is very small and was once a tabernacle so it's not your typical temple. Then we had lunch after with the Elders at this adorable diner. One of my zone leaders, Elder Hernandez, is from Texas (near the border) and went to UT! So we bonded over Austin which is awesome!
One night all of our evening lessons cancelled so we went by this Chinese buffet restaurant. We taught and baptized a woman who owns the place and we forgot to get her signature on her baptismal forms, so we went to get that. I noticed this guy when we walked in who was wearing biking clothes and looked exhausted and was just eating and laying back. Finally he was like, "Are y'all LDS missionaries?" And we were like yes we are! So we started talking and got to know him a bit and he told us he and this girl he's with are biking across America!! They didn't bring any money and are just relying on working for people to earn money for food and stuff! They started in California and are headed east! So we ended up talking a lot about our beliefs, and he said he was very Christian and reads from his tiny Bible every night and has just been so shocked by the friendliness and love he's seen from being in Utah. He said right as they entered Utah that an LDS woman took them in, fed them, let them shower and sleep over. They usually sleep in their tents in ditches or fields! So crazy, right?? We offered him a Book of Mormon but he was like I'll pray about it. Plus it was a little big for him to carry and he was honest he was like, "I probably won't read it till I get home". So after we chatted for over an hour and we had to head home they asked us if we knew of any fields that they could sleep in lolol so we were like uhhhh how about a house?? So we called one of our ward mission leaders and his wife and asked if they could possibly house them and they were like of course!! So they came and picked them up and their bikes and took them in for the night and gave them food and fed them breakfast then they were off! But yeah, he was super funny and a very nice guy!
We put this adorable girl Kirra on date for baptism! She's 10 and her family is so cute. She looks like Hailee Steinfeld too, no joke. We also have this family who put their 2 kids on date who are older than 8 so we're trying to prepare them for baptism and we taught a lesson on Saturday about CPR (church, prayer, reading) and emphasized what they could do tonight to prepare for church the next day and how they need to go if they want to be baptized, but they ended up not coming! So sad :(
Also Sister Frost is my favorite person lolol she's so funny. I've learned lots of New Zealand sayings. When they say snitch it means like how's you get caught? How'd you get snitched? Another is gap. Like let's gap! Which means let's head out or let's go! Or you can say, gappit eah which means go away! If you're annoyed with someone haha. She's also never had macaroni!! So I made some the other day and I took a video of her taking her first bite hahaha. She's so funny. We're always laughing!
Roosevelt is going good! The people here are so sweet and I love them all! It's a little sad because I love some of them so much I don't want to leave them and now I actually know I'll be leaving! Sad. Our ward mission leaders are just the greatest and I'm so grateful for them and all the help they give us. This week we're headed to Provo for our last meeting with President McCune! It's a 2-hour drive to Provo so that should be fun! Love road trips haha. And we'll be in the 4th of July parade in Provo with the Orem mission so I'll get to see Sister Diuguid and others one last time!! Then we get to watch a movie!!!! WOOOOOOH!!!!!

Anywaysssssss life is swell. Can't believe how fast this transfer is going. Nervous for Brazil!! I'll probably get my flight plans this week!

Eu amo vocĂȘs!!!!

- Sister Parks
How Sister Frost opens cans
Sister Frost scaring Hannah
Sister Frost tasting macaroni for the first time
Sunset - Came out of a lesson one night and BAM! There it was!

At the Vernal Temple with the district!

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