Monday, June 15, 2015

Roosevelt, UT - Exciting changes!!

Hello family!
Shout out to my awesome parents for making it 30 years of marriage!!!!!!!!!!! Y'all are the greatest parents ever, and you're pretty lucky too because you had a perfect kid. Me. LOVE Y'ALL!!!
First, to dispel the rumors, I am not at BYU! The picture you received of me, that Sister, and Hailey were at BYU, yes [see my Facebook page for the picture]. However! Me and those sisters are not companions - none of us are. We were all tracting on BYU campus for just an hour while all of our companions were in a trainers' meeting before transfers. Make sense?
Sooooo where am I?? I have been transferred to Roosevelt! A small little town about 45 minutes from the Colorado border! Lol it's a little weird being in a small town, but I already love everyone we've met and I'm excited to live in a small town for a little bit! AND I'm in a trio!! It's me, Sister Frost and Sister Henderson. Me and Sister Frost are new to the area and my trainer, Sister Henderson, has been here for 6 months and this is her last transfer. And get this, this is her first time training! She almost went her whole mission without training haha. So Sister Frost is a Polynesian who's from New Zealand so she has an awesome accent! She's pretty soft spoken but is funny and loves to laugh! She's been out for 10 months. Sister Henderson is from a military family so she left from South Korea but her parents just moved to Guam!! She's a little quirky haha but she's cute.
Roosevelt is pretty cute. It's very desert-y out here. The sunsets are awesome! I'll include a picture from the other night. The best part about Roosevelt - NO MOUNTAINS!! Hahaha there's just plateaus in the distance so it's nice to be able to look out and see the horizon! But yeah, it's mainly an oil field town and here's something super cool - they just made a 7 pm sacrament meeting for all the oil field workers that can't make it to early morning church!! It is for all 3 Roosevelt stakes. It's awesome!! It's just for like 45 minutes and it's just there so the oil field workers can take the sacrament! All the workers were so excited!! We'll be speaking there next week!
So we came here last Wednesday and then that Saturday we had 3 baptisms! Haha it was funny because we (Sister Frost and I) didn't know who they even were so it was super cool to see my first baptism(s) on the mission! I'm really sad I won't be able to go to Marie's. She was going to be my first baptism! But what some missionaries do that get transferred away is Skype in so I may do that.
We also had to give a talk in one of the wards yesterday! Haha so I gave a short little talk about the priesthood, then Sister Henderson talked more about the priesthood, then Sister Frost ended with keeping the Sabbath day holy.
Alsooooooooooooooo I maybe might have possibly kinda.....

GOT MY VISA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH I KNOW!!!! I got it Friday night!! We had just gotten home and I went to check my email as I always do and I had an email with the subject "Sister Parks - Visa Received" and I opened it and was like :o and my companions were like ?? And then I was like I GOT MY VISA!!! It was awesome!! I
immediately called Sister Diuguid to tell her! Sooo I'll be leaving July 21!!!! Haha since I just missed the transfers I'll be here in Roosevelt for the intended 6 weeks! [[Hannah's mission in Forteleza only takes in new missionaries every six weeks, so they'll time Hannah's entrance to the country with that six week schedule]] And I'll be going to the Brazil MTC! Because I've been in the states longer than one transfer, they'll send me to the Brazil MTC for 2 weeks as a refresher course before heading out to Fortaleza!! I'm super excited but don't worry it's not distracting me or anything!! I don't really think about it much actually! I just think about what I have to do and get before I go! I think I'm pretty much set. Sister Kirkendall and I finally got good information for Brazil this last transfer and two people told us - ONLY COTTON CLOTHES! We'll die in anything else! Which I don't quite understand, but I'll trust them!

Well not sure what else to say!!! Except that I hope everyone has a great week!!!

Eu amo vocĂȘs!!

- Sister Parks

Sister Diuguid
New companions!
Sister Frost
Sister Henderson
Roosevelt sunset

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