Monday, July 6, 2015

Roosevelt, UT - Oi familia!!

Hi family!!! I loved hearing about y'all's 4th of July!! It was fun to be able to spend one as a missionary in the U.S. We'll see how next year's will be in Brazil haha!

I've been a little sick this week and still am getting over it. My throat is what's bugging me currently so I'm just trying to drink more water and taking cough drops, etc.And one of my favorite ward mission leader's wife cared for me when we went over for dinner. They're literally the sweetest people with the purest hearts. I kinda think of them as my mom and dad here haha.

One cute thing that happened yesterday during sacrament meeting was this adorable little boy went up to bear his testimony and he started to say a prayer and then went wide-eyed and shook his head lolol then he started again kinda the same and he just said that he knows Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet and closed and walked off but it was the cutest thing and so heartfelt! A lady went up after and thanked him for his sweet testimony and then his dad went up and was getting teary eyed about his son's testimony and it was just adorable!!

This week we met our new president and his wife!! They are so cute and I'm sad I'll only be with them for 2 more weeks. But they're adorable and they had a son who went to Brazil! We had interviews with President and it was do funny because he was like, "Where's the concentration of Portuguese missionaries here?" And I was like "I don't know....I'm going to Brazil!" And he was like "Oh you are??" And I was like "haha yeah I'm a visa waiter!!" He had no idea it was so funny!

Soooo the part you've all been waiting for: my 4th of July!
So we caravan-ed down to Provo the night before. We rode with the zone leaders down and slept with the STL's in Provo. (They have a whole house for themselves!)

The next day we got up early to meet at the chapel to carpool to the parade. When we got to the starting point, we waited for a while and chatted with those we hadn't seen in a while. Both missions were there so I got to see Sister Diuguid and other sister missionaries I became close with at the temple!! So that was fun. Then we walked for about 2 hours though it only felt like one. But it was just so crazy to see all the people on both sides of the street waving and smiling and telling us they loved us! It felt so weird walking and waving to them haha missionaries are legit celebrities here! And I saw Emma and her family again! Hahaha I love how often I've seen them!

Then we finished at a chapel and all had lunch there. Then we had brief introductions to both new mission presidents and then we sang some patriotic hymns and said the pledge of allegiance. Then we took pictures with our mission, zone, and district. Needless to say, it took a while. So we finished mingling (I said goodbye to a lot of people for a long time :( ) and then we all headed back to Roosevelt. So we got back at around 4:35 and made quick trips to our place to grab things we needed for the lock-down and quickly grabbed food for the elders who were hungry again (okay fine I got curly fries too - I could never turn those down..) and then headed for the church building to be in lock-down at 5. So we all changed into comfy clothes and set up the TV and chairs and watched How to Train Your Dragon 2 which was kinda a flop.. But it's okay because we had a super fun rest of the night!

First, one of the Spanish elders, Elder Ugas, surprised us all by knowing all these awesome card magic tricks!!! Elder Hernandez and I were freaking out lolol but we were literally all circled around him just entranced hahaha

Then we played this super funny card game called The Game is Mouse. So it's played like UNO but with normal cards. But it's a silent game! And whenever a person wins, they come up with a rule but they don't tell anyone. If someone breaks the rule, they get 2 cards. So you have to observe the game closely to figure out what the rule is so you don't break it! Haha. But it's so funny because we have to be silent and it's so funny when someone breaks a rule and gets 2 cards and they have no idea why so we're all just laughing trying not to make noise or say anything hahaha it was so fun!

Also if you ever want to actually eat the food you own, fast. How many times have we gone to the pantry or the fridge and have said there's nothing to eat or there's nothing I want. Well, after you fast, everything looks good!!! So there's your tip for the week. You're welcome.

Still no itinerary for Brazil but I'll keep y'all updated!!

Eu amo vocĂȘs!!

- Sister Parks
Made a new friend this week

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