Tuesday, March 31, 2015

MTC Provo - Ola familia!!!

I've survived the second week!! Okay, so second week was GREAT! Just like everyone told us, second week is so much better than the first and everything is downhill from there. Not exactly downhill, there are still some bumps along the way but overall, it was a really fun week! 
Last Wednesday we got 2 new districts!! 6 girls in each!! We felt so old and wise meeting them even though we're totally not hahaha. They were shocked when we told them we had only been here a week. Helped boost my self esteem even though I can still barely speak the language! But honestly, I am proud of myself for how far I've been able to come the past two weeks. Truly a miracle! 
So we finished our lessons last week with our investigator Danielle and my companion was gone so I had an older Sister join me. Where was my companion? Good question! Get this. They flew her home for like a day and a half for an emergency dentist appointment! So I was with our other sisters, Sister Smith and Sister Irizzary AND basically Elder Meredith too because he has to be with at least 2 of us for most activites! Haha so we called ourselves a quad-ship. 
So, my last lesson with Danielle went very well and Sister Jones (my fill in) said I did a really good job and we got Danielle to commit to baptism! YAY! And then.....we got a new teacher and guess who it was? DANIELLE! Well, Sister Kimble's adorable and sweet and we're very much enjoying her as a teacher even though we were kinda nervous at first. We still LOVE Irmao Workman though!! The other day we saw him in a LEATHER JACKET walking to class and we discovered he rides a motorcycle!!!! So we're just walking behind him, this pack of girls, giggling hysterically lolol and he just looks at this other sister from our zone walking past us and says, "Por que?" hahahaha he loves us. We've also tried to set him up with Danielle (the only woman we know who isn't a missionary) but he promised us there was nothing between them haha. But then one day we were having a bathroom/water break and we came back and saw this teacher girl talking to him and we ran out to let them talk haha so when we went back inside we were like sooooooooooooooooo and then he just started laughing and we were like pestering him with questions hahahaha. Anyways...
Last Friday I had a wonderful surprise from Taylor - A DOZEN KRISPY KREME DONUTS!! My whole district was very appreciative. We bought ice cream from a vending machine and went outside and ate donuts and ice cream! It was great. When the sun is at its peak here it is sooo nice outside so we like to go outside and study while laying on the grass. 
Another funny thing is, Elder Meredith always looks like he's breaking the rules because he's a solo Elder, so people always look at him funny or have even stopped and asked him in a very serious tone, "Elder, where's your companion?" even though he has a white sticker on his name tag saying "SOLO ELDER" haha! But one time we were laying on the grass (4 sisters and Elder Meredith) and a guy in a golf cart stops and says the line, "Elder, do you have a companion?" So we always stick up for him - "He's a solo elder, we're his companions!" It's so funny because it's like we're getting away with something even though it's allowed and he has to be with us! 
The language is coming along. I kinda had a hard time last night because we had our first lesson with OUR TEACHER! YEAH! We're going to be teaching Irmao Workman EVERY DAY (minus preparation day [Tuesday] and Sunday) as Jaime (one of his converts or someone he knows). 
So yeah, last night was our first lesson and I totally felt prepared but then not so much. I barely said one sentence and I was very much humiliated. It's hard to not get down and just think about yourself and feel sorry for yourself, but we have to keep in mind that's it's not about us. This is His work and we have to put full trust in him. That has been something I've been learning a lot this past week and what I'm really trying to work hard on. It can be so hard to put down the natural man and to put all faith and trust in Him, but if we do then we will be blessed. I know the gift of tongues is real, but when we let doubt cloud our minds, that gift can be taken away. So this week that's what my goal is. 
But honestly, this past week has been so great! I am so so grateful for my district and my companion. They are the best group ever and I would not still be here if I didn't have them with me. The other day all us girls were getting down in the dumps and were talking about how we want to be better and our past breakdowns. And we turned to Elder Meredith and were like how come you haven't cried?? Haha but he said (and it was so sweet!!) the hardest thing for him was seeing us beat ourselves up over the language and not being able to give us a hug. We wanted to hug him even more right then!!! I totally teared up!
ALSO OMG! In one of the new districts, there are 2 Elders from TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!! One barely talks so I'm not sure where's he's from... Amarillo? But the other one is from Houston and we immediately hit it off talking about Texas and stuff and GET. THIS. HE KNOWS AUNT LISA!!!!!!!!! She was his homeroom teacher he said!! So I got a picture with him (see attached). Forward it to Aunt Lisa, por favor! He's not sure if she's remember him but so cool, right??
We didn't get to watch Women's Conference (I didn't even know it was going on) but maybe we will this weekend..? I'm not sure. But we will be watching General Conference this weekend for sure! I'm so excited. I hope some of the questions and feelings I've been having these past 2 weeks will be answered. No matter what, it's going to be great and anyone can get something out of General Conference! 
Not much else to report on! I'm doing great thanks to everyone's prayers!! I miss y'all so much and I love y'all the most!! Dear Elder letters are the best so thanks for everyone who is sending me them! Include your email address if I don't have it so I can write y'all back!


- Sister Parks

My district!
My companion, Sister Kirkendall!
Welcoming Sister Kirkendall back!
This is the Elder from Houston that knows Aunt Lisa!

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