Friday, March 20, 2015

In the Days Before Her Departure

     Well as Hannah's last week before her mission has finally passed, I finally have the time (and pictures - thanks Taylor) to document all the events of Hannah's final preparations for her missionary service. 
     We saved as much as we could for Taylor and Matt to come into town, taking a red eye flight from Washington state to be with Hannah. We are so grateful they were able to come! A few short hours after Hannah and Dad picked them up from the airport, we made our way down to the San Antonio Temple where Hannah would receive her own endowments (see link for more information!). Since we kept Trenton up in Utah, we made sure to tell him what time we'd be at the temple so that he could go to the Provo Temple at the same time as us. 
      We were also touched and grateful to see Bishop Wilkins there, having just recently flown back into town himself. It really was just a beautiful day to be at and in the House of the Lord.
     After the temple, we drove over to see some of Dad's family nearby for dinner and were surprised to see so many our relatives there! It was so touching to see how many had turned out to give Hannah a final "see you later" hug.
     On Sunday, Hannah gave a wonderful talk in sacrament meeting about prophets and following their counsel. We felt touched by so many her friends from school and previous wards that had come to support her and wish we'd been able to take pictures with all of them!
That night Aunt Tara, Uncle Pat, and Grandma came over for dinner. 
They brought Remy of course :)  
As with many times in our lives, we thanked our parents for the insight to install a giant dry erase board upstairs and used it for Hannah's extensive packing check list.                                     
     Tuesday morning we took her off to Chuy's and then the airport. Thankfully Mom, Aunt Tara, and Grandma all had a flight just after her and were able to see her to the gate.

And she's off! 

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