Saturday, March 21, 2015

Arriving at the MTC

Well Hannah's visa to Brazil has not come through yet, so we rerouted her to the Provo MTC. Thankfully we'd left Trenton up in Provo at school, so he was able to pick her up from the airport on Tuesday. Our wonderful friend, Holly, went up as well to be Hannah's "companion" and let Hannah spend the night at her apartment. She and Lauren were especially amazing at tag-teaming with Hannah to make sure she was always with someone - even going to a Spanish class with Holly since she reported to the MTC at 1:00 pm!
Some more of our dear, wonderful friends from Texas who are also up in Provo took pictures outside the Provo Temple before dropping her off.
Everyone gathering at BYU
At the Provo Temple
Dropping her off at the Missionary Training Center
We'll find out more when she emails us, but it's nice to know that she was safely delivered to the MTC! 

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