Monday, March 21, 2016

Messejana, Brazil - March 21, 2016

Heyyyyyyy everybody!!

Well this week was fun! We´ve been meeting lots of great, new people to teach! Some have gone to church, some have family already in the church, and others are starting fresh! For the past few weeks at family home evening at Andre´s house (pretty sure he´s been tagging me every Monday in the pics he´s posts on instagram) they´ve had a friend there – Amanda. For the longest time we tried to find her house but we always ended up at the wrong place haha but we finally found it this past week with help from a member! There we met her daughter who is 14 and is the cutest, prettiest, soft spoken little thing! Her name is Vitoria. So we started to teach them the lessons and Vitoria is just soaking them all up! She´s answering our questions perfectly and remembers everything we teach! Amanda is also really great but she´s  little more difficult to run into because she works a lot and only gets home at night...but it´s all work out! It´s really humbling and neat to see how the Lord prepares some people J

This week we went on splits with our sister training leaders. I took the place of one of them in their area while she took my place here. It was really cool to see another area and meet new people and to learn from another compainion. It was only for a day, we switched Friday morning and reunited Saturday morning. It was also really sweet coming back because everyone here was like, Sister Parks! You returned! Everyone that Sister Takahashi visited with the other sister asked where I was, if i had been transferred haha it was so cute to hear!! I love this place, have I said that already? Well, it´s true! Also when I came back and I walked into our house Sister Takhashi and Sister Macipe (STL) prepared a surprise for me! My desk was covered in pictures from my mission and family and they put out chocolate and on the wall they put up ballons and a sign that said, Happy 1 Year!! It was so cute! I feel so old on the mission hhahaha I can´t believe it´s been a year?!?! The day before my 1 yr mark I wrote in my journal about that day a year ago, saying goodbye to my family in the airport, arriving in salt lake thinking i´d never find trenton and then holly surprised me while I was waiting for my luggage then I stayed the night with her and the next day Trenton, Holly, Brooke, Caleb and Lauren all dropped me off at the MTC! It was a whirlwind of emotions! But I´m grateful for everyone those last few days J

It´s been a great week and it should be another good one J

I love you all SOOOOOOOOOOO muchhhhhh and miss y´all madly!


- Sister Parks

ps - it´s still hotter than hades. it´s been raining a lot though BUT here, after it rains, it gets hotter. so it´s always nice to get rain but after...the sun is so powerful I wanna die!

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