Monday, March 14, 2016

Messejana, Brazil - Look out Messejana, we´re baptizing everybody!

Hello family! This week was awesome! So many happy days J

Last Monday after we emailed we headed back home and just stayed there because….we were very lazy and tired and didn´t want to go anywhere. But we didn´t even end up taking naps because we just talked and talked and talked! This week has been super fun because Sister Takahashi is learning English! It´s now a rule on the mission that everyone has to study English every day for language study (except us Americans obviously), but that wasn´t a problem for Sister Takahashi because she´s been wanting to practice and learn more English! It´s pretty cute haha her whole wall is covered in post its with words that I´ve defined for her in English, and she made a video for her family talking in English because her dad and brother both speak English fluently and her sister can speak a little, too. She prays in English and we both share our personal study with each other in English. For those unfamiliar with the missionary schedule, in the morning we have 1 hour of personal study and then 1 hour of companionship study and we always share with the other what we read/what we learned in our personal study. So the first day she shared her personal study with me, I asked her if she wanted me to share mine in English or Portuguese. She said, do you think it´ll mess up your Portuguese? And I said, I don´t think so. And ohhh man was I right! For her it took 30 minutes to share what she learned in English and when it was my turn, I took 30 minutes too! Hahaha it was so funny how bad my English is! I kept going back to speaking Portuguese on accident. But it´s fun because in the house we speak English most of the time, her more than me. I speak 50/50 because honestly….it´s easier to speak in Portuguese now than it is to speak in English. It´s pretty funny when people ask me to say something in English or ask me how to say a certain phrase/word because I have to stop and think for a good minute and then when I say the word I usually pronounce it wrong haha I have to try like 3 times before I get it right. Soooo it´ll be interesting when I return! Please bear with me J

Referring to my subject line now, we had 2 baptisms this week!!!! 2 youth. Samuel, 12 years old, and Rodrigo, 16. Samuel was baptized on Saturday before mutual which was SO great because all the youth were there to show their support! The youth are seriously the best part of this ward. They´re so unified and most of them are recent converts and are the only members in their families but they´re all so great in supporting each other and inviting each other to activities. This past week we took Rodrigo to seminary and ended up staying and it was just wonderful! Really made me miss those days being a youth in the ward and my group of friends J shout out to the group – yáll know who you are! The other time Rodrigo went to seminary, 2 youth boys stopped by to pick him up! That made us so happy to see! Rodrigo was baptized on Sunday after church and that was great too because a lot of youth stayed to watch which is usually difficult because when church ends, everyone wants to go home to eat! But they all bore with us haha J Adeline and Samuel were both confirmed as members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and both received the gift of the Holy Ghost! AND Padua, who me and Sister Alvarado baptized, received the Melchezideck priesthood omg I was so happy! I was so proud of him!!

It´s been fun being with Sister Takahashi because she´s made me open up more and joke around more J She´s helped me be more myself which is something that I kind of lost when I came here! Because of the language barrier, etc. But it´s gotten much better!

I miss you guys sooooooooooooooo much but my love for yáll surpasses my sadness J Yáll are SO GREAT and SO ADORABLE! How did I get such a cute family? I just want to squeeze you all! Especially dad hehehe but seriously, thanks for everything! Thanks for still writing me lol
Te amo para sempre!
-          -Sister Parks
Pictures: glasses pic – playing around and writing letters last p day
Sister takahashi in my hammock – she was protesting because I moved my bed back to put up my hammock to sleep in and she wanted me to be closer to her hahaha
Facebook hands – we found them in a members home and obvi had to take a picture haha
Baptism of Rodrigo!
Samuel´s baptism I brought my camera but left my battery plugged in a home…smart, I know. But Wleberton sent me pics that he took so ill forward those to you!

Displaying IMG_20160312_094651641_HDR.jpg
Displaying IMG_20160312_094651641_HDR.jpg

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