Monday, March 28, 2016

Messejana, Brazil - Happy Easter!

Fam bam!

Happy Easter!!! A family in our ward gave us a lot of chocolate and I still had chocolate from my 1 year mark soooo we have a lot to eat! 

Well folks, this week was the last week in the transfer. Yesterday we got the call that……..WE´RE BOTH STAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys, I was totally thinking President was ready to kick me out of Messejana but I´m staying another transfer!! Everyone was saying that I was out of there (but in a sad, they´ll miss me way lol) because I´ve now been here 6 months but I´m staying!!!! I was thinking too that I wouldn´t be staying because of how much time I have here, but inside of me I felt that my time wasn´t up. I´m so happy I´m staying!!!!!!!!!!! But oh man it´s gonna be rough the day I leave…..BUT let´s not think about that day, shall we??

So yesterday we got to watch the Women´s Conference!! I loved that President Eyring spoke to us again this year! I think he likes us the most ;) The videos were also super cute! I liked how they talked a lot about service because, that´s basically what we do every single day as missionaries! I liked how President Eyring said that the Lord is not only preparing the hearts of others that we´ll serve but also our hearts. We need to be ready and worthy to help and uplift others. Which brings me to the first talk by Sister Esplin who talked about how we need to be thinking more about others than ourselves because we can´t help anyone if we´re worried about ourselves and our own lives. One of the great things about the mission is that we really don´t have time to think about ourselves and our own problems because every second we´re always thinking about those we´re teaching and who we can help next and what they need.

This week we were blessed withhhhhhhhhh another baptism!!!!! The girl who was baptized is Patricia and she is 12 years old! It was really a miracle because up until the baptismal interview she wasn´t really sure about being baptized. She said that´s she´s very of the world and does bad things and we were like…. Patricia, we all mess up every day! We´re not perfect! She seriously didn´t believe that WE, me and Sister Takahashi, make mistakes. She also had a fear that she won´t stay strong, stay active, in the church but when she looked at members who don´t go every Sunday she said, oh no, if I was baptized I would go every Sunday! Haha so she´s already got the determination! So she had her interview with our district leader and she passed! And yesterday she was baptized J It was great because we combined with the other ward who meets in our chapel and the baptismal room was full of people from both wards!! And the young women were very sweet to Patricia in welcoming her J

I´m going to attach a photo here in this email to send to yáll because….IT´S TOO DANG COOL!!! Leko (Wellington)(my recent convert with Sister R. Santos) designed me and Sister Takahashi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sister Takahashi gave him a picture of us and he drew us!!! It´s the coolest thing ever J
I´m SUPER SUPER SUUUUUUPER excited for General Conference. I was thinking back to last year watching General Conference in the MTC J It was so great! And the October conference was amaaaazing. I´m positive this conference will be just as great as the others! I´ll be preparing some questions to be answered and you guys should too ;) I seriously can´t believe I used to not look forward to conference when I was younger but I guess that´s normal for youth. But seriously, any youth who are reading this….if you prepare questions to be answered, conference will be a much more enjoyable and spiritual experience for you! I promise J What are yáll looking forward to most?

Have a wonderful week everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you lots. Also, there´s a website called MissionTies that´s like DearElder but for the field!!! There´s a sister in our district who´s from Washington who literally receives like 10 letters every week because people write her through missionties! So it´s just an idea if you guys want to try that out! I love personal hand written cards, of course, but I don´t think why I haven´t received anything in weeks L Still no package or letters….but sometimes this just happens! I´ve had a lot of luck with the post service up until now haha but they´ll turn up J Remember, never write that a package has more than $20 dollars worth inside or I´ll be taxed a lot JThanks!!!!

LOVE YÁLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-          Sister Parks

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