Monday, February 29, 2016

Messejana, Brazil - This is a place where I feel at home

My subject line is from the most beautiful song that exists (To Build A Home – The Cinematic Orchestra) but I didn´t put it there because I´m trunky and miss music haha I put it there because it´s the truth! I love this place. I love Messejana! I can´t believe I´ll have been here 6 months when this transfer ends! I think President will transfer me… which is so weird!! I know every inch of this area - it´s like my own neighborhood, except I think I know Messejana better than my own neighborhood now lol.  Who knows, I could stay another transfer! BUT I won´t think about transfers. I say this place is my home because it´s so nice to feel at home in a place that´s not your home. I love to walk the streets here and see all the people that I know, even if I´ve never talked to them. I hope to leave this place (whenever that day may come) better than how I found it.
This week was going much better and things are looking up! We talked more with Adeline and she was all set to be baptized on Sunday! Elder Geraldo (our District Leader) came to interview her and she passed and all was great! When Sunday rolled around however, she woke up with a horrible pain in her tooth!! She didn´t feel well enough to even move, so she didn´t make it to church :( However! This story still has a happy ending! We passed by last night and she was much better and accepted to be baptized this Saturday!! It has been so neat to see her progress. When we were talking with her one day this week she was telling us how she always admired our chapels and always had a curiosity to go inside! We were like, "ummm okay wow the Lord has been preparing you for a long time!" Most people who look at our chapels say how it looks so closed and private and unwelcoming, but she had the complete opposite reaction! She also used to visit other churches but there was always something that didn’t make her feel right so she would leave early. And everything we teach she understands and she doesn´t have any doubts about anything! She´s so great! I´m so excited for her and this new chapter she´ll be taking in her life! (P.S. she´s also a great dancer and loves a lot of the same music as I do!)
This week we had a mission conference and both the assistants gave talks who are both Americans and it just made me so envious of their Portuguese! Haha no, but I was very impressed and was just thinking about how the gift of tongues is truly incredible. My mission has more Americans than Brazilians! That´s just baffling in itself! The Lord truly puts His trust in His missionaries. I hope that I´m being worthy of that trust.
Well, I´m exhausted and can´t remember all that happened this week. Sorry folks. Sister Takahashi and I both agreed to take naps today hahaha we´re dead. Every morning when I wake up it´s like my body is breaking from all the cracks and pops haha and the first few steps are always a little painful! But, all is well! I´m taking care of myself :) And yes, I´m using sunscreen (I may or may not have burned/tanned this week so I started to use sunscreen more) and am using bug spray! President talked to us about dengue that's been getting lots of missionaries and the people here in Brasil. But don´t yáll worry! All is well!
Love you all soooooooooooooooooo much! Thanks for those still reading my emails haha yáll are all stars!
Te amo!

Sister Parks


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