Monday, February 15, 2016

Messejana, Brazil - Senior year pt 2

That sounds like a title for a horrible thrasher movie lol buuuuut
I´m senior companion! Not training - WOOH! And guess who my companion is? Sister Ximenes!!!!!!!!!!! I don´t know if yáll remember her, but 2 transfers [3 months] back when I was waiting for Sister R. Santos to arrive, Sister Ximenes stayed with me for a day and a half because she was companion-less too! And now.... we´re going to be companions!!!! It´s a little weird that I´m senior companion because we both arrived here in Brazil at the same time! The same group! But because I served in the states, I have more time than her! She´s literally adorable - I´m so excited! Right now I´m still with Sister R. Santos. She´s got her bags all packed (I´m reading to go...*insert music note*) and will head for the mission office at noon :( She´s been so great, I´m so blessed to have gotten to know her!
Sorry we only put in for 40 minutes this time because we don´t know when Sister Ximenes is arriving and I only have 9 minutes left. But this week was great! I´m uploading pics to DropBox :)
Love you all and I´ll write more next week!!!
Te amo!!!!
- Sister Parks

More pictures from Wellington's baptism:

Pictures from this week:

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