Monday, August 17, 2015

Jose Walter, Brazil - Pastel

Oi família!!!!!!!! Man, it´s been a good week!
First, what is pastel you may be wondering and why is it her subject? Oh my gosh, you guys. Pastel is heaven. It´s my new favorite food and I´m kinda obsessed. So it´s like a fried hot pocket and you can order it with whatever meat you want inside. I usually get chicken or pizza! But then the other day we went to a new place and they had DESSERT PASTELS!!! So I obviously got one with chocolate and died and went to heaven! They fry them and in like 10 seconds they´re done and ready to eat! They´re soooo good! I haven´t been able to get a picture because we usually grab them at night when we get hungry again for a few bucks at little vendor places on the street but I got a blurry pic of my chocolate one haha. So yeah new favorite food.
Anyways, it´s been a good week! I am truly being blessed every day! I´m understanding more each and every day and it´s pretty dang sweet. Obviously I´m not understanding every quite yet but I´ve noticed that when I go into a lesson/conversation not thinking "ugh I won´t understand" or "I need to translate" and just LISTEN, I can usually understand!! It´s so awesome! As frustrating as it can be sometimes, I love Portuguese! And it´s only frustrating because I´m at that point now where I´m understanding more than what I can say so sometimes during lessons or interactions I have all these things I want to say but don´t know the words to say them! Haha just gives me more incentive to continue practicing and studying! All my thoughts now I´m automatically translating to Portuguese without even thinking about it haha it´s super cool! Even lyrics! When I have songs stuck in my head, I start translating them into Portuguese! Oh, funny thing about music here. So they do have our music though I don´t hear it that much. But when I do, it´s usually our song, our music, but with a Brazilian singer and then I was told that they change the lyrics too so that it rhymes in Portuguese! Oh man, too good!
I´ve been trying this week to look up more, too! That sounds really metaphorical and deep, but I´m actually just being serious. Lol. Because we walk so much, I forget to look up and admire the pretty scenery around me! And I´ve been noticing lots of pretty trees with flowers and fruits growing on them and oh my gosh, the sky at night is soo pretty! It´s like a soft purple that fades to black I love it so much!! No exotic animals though. Just lots of cats and dogs. Lame. Where´s my monkey, right??
Redes (or hammocks) are also super popular here! Every house here already comes equipped with hooks in the walls in various places to hang up your hammock it´s awesome haha! So I´m totally going to get one before I leave (we´re actually going to look for potentials today hehe)! I will get rid of all my clothes to keep my hammock when I go home haha!
We met with our beloved Fernando this week (less active guy who wants to return, his wife not so much) and he told us this past weekend that he would go to church and if he felt good there he would return! So we were obviously pumped and then...he doesn´t show! But we stopped by later and his niece was sick but that he would go next week so I´ll let y´all know next week what happens! He´s so awesome though and he has friends in the ward and you always feel good at church so I know he will too! We´re working with other investigators to try and get them to church (everyone who said they would didn´t come!! Waaaahh) but we still had our regular church attending investigators there so that was awesome! I love all the people we´re teaching, it´s so great. All the walking and the pain all seems worth it when I get to talk with them and butcher a lesson in Portuguese hahahaha!

Also, lots of people stare here. You might think, because you´re in a skirt and have a badge, but no it's probably 99% just me. Hahaha it´s just funny sometimes how long they stare as they walk/drive by. So I just smile and tell them, bom dia, boa tarde, boa noite! (depending on the time of the day). Oh that´s another thing that´s adorable, you always say bom dia, boa tarde, boa noite to people you pass on the street and they say it back and it´s just adorable!

Haha well I love yáll bunchesssssssssssss and miss ya so much!! Have an awesome week!!!! Can you believe this week will be my 5th week here?? Almost done with my first transfer! Also, tomorrow is my 5 month mark, WHAT??

Eu amo vocês!!! Till next week!

- Sister Parks
Pretty Brazil! This flag is near our house!

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