Monday, August 31, 2015

Jose Walter, Brazil - Fun filled week!!

The weeks are seriously flying by, it´s crazy! I don´t have a lot of time so I´ll try and sum up all that happened this week without too much detail - sorry!
First, 2 Brazilians told me I look fat so THAT'S HOW MY WEEK WENT! JK but now I am a little paranoid...
Yesterday we had our first baptism!!!! My first baptism in Brazil!! Fernando was baptized! And wow, a lot of things went wrong in the beginning, but in the end, he was baptized. First, he wasn´t home when we went to get him for his baptism at 5 so we hung out in the church till 6 (when his family member said he should be back) with the wonderful members who showed up for his baptism then went to check again at 6 and he was there! So we return with Fernando and got it started! Only to find out when it came time for the actual baptism that the door to the font was locked! We had the elders come earlier to unlock it, too!! So we call the elders again, and a our bishopric member jumps in his car to meet them to get the key haha so we finally get the door unlocked and Gustavo (our recent convert friend) baptized him! His firt time! Aaaand Fernando was a little unsure/confused about going completely under the water. Soooo 4 tries later, he was immersed! After the baptism, I sang! Yup! My companion discovered I like to sing so now she wants me to sing for everyyything hahaha so I sang "I Know That My Redeemer Lives"! Verses 1 and 3 in English and 2 and 4 in Portuguese. I haven´t actually sung and practiced actual singing since high school but it wasn´t too bad!
Friday night we had an FHE with a 19-year-couple who are recently married and are recent converts which was super fun! They also found out I like to sing, and the husband loooves singing so after we watched a super old/super cheesy church video and ate popcorn and hot chocolate, he hooked up their karaoke microphone and gave me the floor haha it was so funny. They got out their phones and everything to record me! We took a picture at the end of the night so that´s the picture I'll include! The young girl is the guy´s little sister who ran in to join us at the end haha.
​Another awesome thing that happened this week: ELDER ANDERSON CAME AND TALKED TO MY MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUP, HE HAS A NEPHEW IN MY MISSION!! It was super cool. Get this, he knows Portuguese! I was a tad dissapointed haha cause I looking forward to hearing English but he was easy to understand and he still spoke some parts in English and his wife too! It was super good!!
Not sure what more to say, so here´s some pics! Pictures are worth a thousand words, right??
​Oh yeah, I also got to reunite with Sister Kirkendall!!!!!!! My companion from the MTC!! She left only after 1 transfer (six weeks) in Provo so she´s been here 2 transfers and was speaking so well! But she was a pro even in the MTC haha so it makes sense! She hoped she would see me so she wrote all these notes and tips that she wish she knew for me to study! So nice! 
- Sister Parks

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