Monday, April 25, 2016

Maracanau, Brazil - families are eternal

To my lovely family,

Guess what?? I got some mail this week!! I received 2 packages from MissionTies that Dad sent! Thanks sooooo much omg the cookies are amazing! Everyone always talks about those cookies because it´s across the street from the MTC in Sao Paulo and so all the missionaries know it and have talked about how great the cookies are there but I never went to the MTC there so I never had the chance to taste them! BUT I had that chance all this past week and ohhhh man are they good!! I told my companion, I want my dad to send cookies every week BUT I don´t want to get fat hahaha so yes, we´ve been enjoying them and the other goodies :) Also I´m pretty sure that the actual package yáll sent I´ll get tomorrow. If it left Rio last week then I´m sure it arrived in the mission office that week. I also got a letter from my favorite bishop/other dad John! Thank you so much for the time you spent writing me a letter – I loved it!

So remember the couple we met last Sunday? He´s a less active returning to church and she´s very interested in the church. And they have an adorable baby girl, Yasmin :) So we stopped by last Tuesday to see how they were doing/if she read the  pamphlet and what does she tell us right as we arrive? She read and felt that it was true and when she prayed, the Spirit confirmed her answer! We were like….. "OMG that´s wonderful! We´re so happy to hear that!" So they also need to get married before she can be baptized and the first time we met them on Sunday, she told us that he never planned on getting married. So I left with them a pamphlet that talks about the blessings we receive when we get married and how our families and home are blessed and the next time we passed by, they told us that they want to get married! We also stopped by on Saturday and invited them to couples class that the ward is holding and they totally got ready in that instant and went! It´s so cute to see how excited they are about everything! They were also ready to go when we stopped on Sunday to walk with them. We´re so excited to help them become an eternal family :)
Another investigator of ours was waiting outside her house to walk with us to church when we turned onto her street AND she had hurt her knee really bad this week from a bad fall and she lives far from the church but she walked all the way there arm in arm with my companion! She´s a fighter!

So remember the little girl, Kilvia, who was baptized last week and her siblings who all live in our ward? Well, I love their family! They remind me soo much of me and my siblings!! Sunday we had lunch with all of them and it reminded me of dinners in Elgin with our family gathered together! Tcharly´s husband reminds me of Matt soo much! He loves to joke around, especially about other people haha but not in a bad way, he just did it in the same way that Matt jokes and laughs. He really likes to make Mexican food and he even KNEW about Tex-Mex! This week we have lunch with them and they´re going to take us to a Tex-Mex restaurant here!! I nearly passed out - I couldn´t believe one actually exists! He showed me pictures and it looks pretty legit and very Mexican haha so I´ll take lots of pictures for you guys! He also said that if he had enough money he´d buy a food truck and sell Mexican/Tex-Mex food! He´s even looked into it which reminded me of Matt when he was looking into opening up a Taco Cabana in Utah haha!

This week is the last week of the transfer because it´s only 5 weeks long and we're super nervous! We want to stay together!!

Well, love yáll lots and miss yáll a ton but it won´t be long until we get to talk via skype!!!!! So excited!!


- Sister Parks

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