Monday, April 11, 2016

Maracanau, Brazil - Ch-ch-ch-ch-CHANGES!

Sooooooooooooooo this week was crazy and totally sad. But happy. And sad. But ended happy.

So, I was emergency transferred!! That´s right, I was kicked out of Messejana :(

So Tuesday afternoon, we had just finished a lesson with this adorable girl Vitoria who had gone to church and her mom has gone a few more times and they are both just so great! So we had finished talking to her and marked her baptism for that coming Sunday and we left and went to visit a less active. We had just sat down and were talking with her when we got a call. I picked up and it was the assistant to President Fusco. He asked who was speaking and I said, "Sister Parks" and he said "oh okay, sooo Sister Parks, you were transferred". I responded," WHAT?!" Sister Takahashi was sitting there looking at me like what happened?? So I whispered to her, "I was transferred!" And she then started to cry :´( So he told me that we had to go back to our house and I had to pack all my things and that Sister Takahashi´s companion would arrive soon and that I would have to go to my new area with a member. As we were heading back they called us again and said that no we wouldn´t move today but tomorrow. So the rest of the day I went to as many people as I could to say goodbye....some of my recent converts were really down in the dumps because they all thought I´d be staying because transfers were last week! The members was hard saying goodbye to some of the families that have turned into my families here!
So it was a little sad but my new area, Maracanau is great! It´s a little farther out from the city which means it´s a little more poor. But I´m already loving the people and the ward and the area. It´s been a long time since I´ve been in a new area with new people but it´s going great! The picture yáll saw looks like I´m in a trio but the other sister was with my companion until I arrived. She was also getting a new companion. Lots of missionaries were emergency transferred this week. President closed a sisters' area in the country because I think he´s short on sisters so lots of us were moved around. 

So we went with 40 minutes today so I didn´t have time to write this email out beforehand and the time is up!
I´ll write more next week but I love you all!!!!!!

-Sister Parks

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