Monday, May 11, 2015


That's right, I will no longer be a teenager! I'm hittin the big 2-0 this Thursday! My companion has been telling everyone my birthday is this week so I think I haaaave two people making me cakes? Haha it'll be a good day, for sure! I'll be sure to take pictures to send next week!
Well, yesterday was the BEST because I got to skype my wonderful family!!!!!!!!!! There was nothing better than seeing their faces! I'll have to send the screenshot I took of all of us (just ignore my tear stained face - we were saying goodbye, okay?!).
Well, this week an awesome thing happened!! We got a referral from Church headquarters and those you have to contact asap, like that day. So we knocked and it was this woman from Jersey (yes she had a Jersey accent!) with her two kids and she was like, "Yeah I just want to know more about the church!" She wants her kids especially to get into good stuff. We were so pumped but trying to keep it cool haha so yeah, we'll hopefully be teaching her and her kids the first lesson this week!!
For those of you wondering about my visa status, my mother told me yesterday that my FBI clearance which I had been waiting on has gone through! I don't know what that means for my visa/how long my visa take, but there's nothing in the way now of Salt Lake trying to get my visa through! Keep it in your prayers!
This past week it was raining a lot! All I could think was someone must to have prayed or fasted for all this rain! It even hailed once! We were holding our umbrellas very close haha I swear there were a few times it was going to turn inside out. We were in an apartment complex where we have a lot of less actives that we teach there so we were running to and from everyone's places that we know of to stay out of the rain haha!
We also got to take one of our less actives through the Payson Temple open house this week which was awesome! Her name is Ruth, and she's this hilarious 64-65 year old lady! She's been trying to quit smoking (started when she was 13!), and has been doing a lot better. I think going through the temple gave her an extra push! She really wants to go through the temple one day and do baptisms for the dead. Seeing her face when we entered the celestial room - I swear her eyes lit up! That room is SO gorgeous! That was a really cool experience. There are pictures online of the exterior and interior you guys should look at!
Sorry I can't think of anything else to say because I talked to the family yesterday and told them everything!

- Sister Parks

We had a dinner appointment with the "Spanish" sisters! And the house had an adorable bunny!
Family Skype picture!

NOTE FROM HILARY: By way of explanation, Hannah was able to skype from her companion's iPad which isn't capable of multiple people in a skype call. So we had Taylor and Matt (in Washington) on Mom's iPad so everyone could see Hannah :)

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