Tuesday, April 14, 2015

MTC Provo - The countdown has begun

Many kinds, actually. Countdown for when we're leaving, and a countdown for how many days our district has gone without a breakdown hahahahaha. We have it written on the top corner of our board. I doubt we'll ever make it past 5. 
Tomorrow I start my 5th week!! We will most likely leave in 2 weeks! We find out where we're getting assigned next week!!!! Then we usually leave Monday or Tuesday. We're so excited and nervous! The other Brazil zone had a district get their reassignments today and some are going to Florida! So cool, right?! I just want to go somewhere warm!
Some of the highlights this week were on Sunday night! Sunday for our devotional we had the BYU Men's Chorus come and guess what they sang?! PRINCE OF EGYPT!!! I was dyinggggg it was so good! They did 3 songs: Deliver Us, the plaque song, and There Can Be Miracles. Before they started though, a guy on a trumpet played the sisters lullaby song and WOW. It was so good. Nearly in tears by the end of it. That movie and that music. Did you know Hans Zimmer did that music?! It all makes sense now!!!! 
Then after devotional, there are a few things you can do Sunday night. You can either stay in your classroom and study/read, or you can attend some films. For example, Character of Christ (David A. Bednar's talk that is AWESOME), Joseph Smith Story, etc. Well, we went to watch Meet the Mormons. Now, I had heard of it but I had never seen it! And NOSSA! (that's what they say for oh my gosh in Portuguese). It was so good!! Seriously, even if you're not Mormon, it is an awesome movie!! It looks at members all over the world and goes into their story and their life and it is so inspirational! One awesome woman in Costa Rica is a boxer but also has two adorable little boys!! Anyway, she's my woman crush at the moment. The movie is soo good, I recommend it for anyone! And of course the last story hits you right in the feels about this girl's life and then her first son leaves on a mission and we're just all in tears by the end of it haha. GO WATCH IT!!
This week I also got to interview the senior sister companions which was awesome! I was shocked at the love I felt for the them, and the love that they felt back for me! When some of them said how much they look up to me and the others, I was shocked! We're only a week ahead of them but I was amazed at what I've already encountered and experienced while I've been here that I was able to tell them to better uplift them. They are all so great, so loving, and just want to be better, like we all do!
At the end of class one day, Irmao Workman had us all close our eyes and think about our first day here, and to think about how much we (couldn't) say. He said that he's seen how much we've grown these weeks and that he's so proud of us, but more importantly, that He is proud of us. It was nice to hear because I can be so down on myself because I may not know as much as the others, or need more time practicing to get things than the others, but compared to when I got here 4 weeks ago, I'm very proud of myself, too. It's crazy to me that I took 3 or 4 years of Spanish and never did well, and here I'm able to come up with sentences in PORTUGUESE that people can understand and feel the Spirit from! He is truly a miracle worker and everyone here is an example of that. 
Irmao Workman had noticed the other day when I was beating myself up over Portuguese, so he talked with me and said he sees the potential I have and the talents I have, and he knows I can speak the language. He told me that if I just go in full force in trying to study more, my language will go through the roof. He said that Heavenly Father knows I can do this. And it's true. I tell myself that every day. I was given this mission and this language for a reason. And most days that can be hard to understand, but He knows that I will be able to speak the language without any trouble, and I have complete faith in that.
In other news, life is good! For gym time I now play volleyball (finally got up the courage) so that's been really fun! I also got awesome packages this week from Hil and Holly Taylor! Thank y'all soooo much!!!!!
Sorry this is kind of short and sorry for no pictures! I need to be better at taking more every day. The only pictures I have are of our class duck hahaha. He's a duck we found outside our building where we usually go to sit on the grass and read. We call him Fred Tholemew. I drew a picture of him on the bottom corner of our board with his name hahaha
Just know that I love you all and appreciate all the prayers and love and support!!! I'm so blessed to have an awesome family and the best friends!!


- Sister Parks

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